experimenteller Kurzfilm HD, 18:25 min, 2013

Der Film dreht sich um das Suchen des Protagonisten nach einer
eigenen Haltung, zu dem was ihm wiederfährt.

Was ist Zufall und was
gewählte Erfahrung? Wann wird ein Eingreifen in die Verhältnisse zur

Cast: Bodo Neuss, Verena Ziegler, Ralf David, Olaf Schüke, Robert Frank Kamera: Laurent Hoffmann Tonaufnahme: Daniel Caneiro Regie/Buch/Edit: Florian Schurz

Premiere CAMP 1 Festival Halle, 2013

„Nowhere, there is a breath.
Silent notion, furious scrabble.
Where is life?
Moments remain the same, they wont change.“

A young man awakes somewhere in a wasteland. Slowly he comes to life, starting his journey into a strange world. Blindly following the incidents that occur, he is looking for the signs that lead him to the next point, trying to find out what his part is in this odyssey.

The Film is cyclical in its nature. The Protagonist seems to be caught up in experiencing his reality without really becoming a creator of it. In the Film, I try to figure out the narrow line between passive reception and being „guided“ by circumstances, to actively taking deciscions.