exper­i­menteller Kurz­film HD, 18:25 min, 2013

Der Film dreht sich um das Suchen des Pro­tag­o­nis­ten nach einer
eige­nen Hal­tung, zu dem was ihm wiederfährt.

Was ist Zufall und was
gewählte Erfahrung? Wann wird ein Ein­greifen in die Ver­hält­nisse zur

Cast: Bodo Neuss, Ver­e­na Ziegler, Ralf David, Olaf Schüke, Robert Frank Kam­era: Lau­rent Hoff­mann Tonauf­nahme: Daniel Caneiro Regie/Buch/Edit: Flo­ri­an Schurz

Pre­miere CAMP 1 Fes­ti­val Halle, 2013

Nowhere, there is a breath.
Silent notion, furi­ous scrabble.
Where is life?
Moments remain the same, they wont change.“

A young man awakes some­where in a waste­land. Slow­ly he comes to life, start­ing his jour­ney into a strange world. Blind­ly fol­low­ing the inci­dents that occur, he is look­ing for the signs that lead him to the next point, try­ing to find out what his part is in this odyssey.

The Film is cycli­cal in its nature. The Pro­tag­o­nist seems to be caught up in expe­ri­enc­ing his real­i­ty with­out real­ly becom­ing a cre­ator of it. In the Film, I try to fig­ure out the nar­row line between pas­sive recep­tion and being „guid­ed“ by cir­cum­stances, to active­ly tak­ing deciscions.